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Tax Manager


The war in the game of talent is no doubt in play; the ball is in your court to know the type of firm and culture you want to be associated with.

The rules of the Certified Public Accounting firm environment, career diversity and advancement have changed. Is your current employer listening? One of EGP's written mottos is to lead with humor, it is a prerequisite in our accounting "club" culture and we believe it is a must for a dynamic and ever changing industry. Contact us to hear more about our story and to share yours as well. 

Holly Fish, Director of Human Resources and Firm Marketing

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Involved with a wide variety of diversified, complex, tax related responsibilities, and assists with the supervision of other tax staff.
  • Manage multiple client engagements simultaneously.
  • Possess a complete knowledge of the firm’s operating philosophy and culture.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of current economic and business developments and possess the ability to determine the impact on clients.



Technical Excellence

  • Develop and maintain a high level of technical proficiency in the tax area and assigned specialization areas.
  • Possess an advanced knowledge and understanding of applicable federal, state and local tax laws, regulations and rules.
  • Develop necessary skills to assist with representing firm clients in tax examinations.
  • Possess the ability to research complex tax issues.
  • Formulate recommendations for solutions to clients’ technical issues/problems.
  • Take responsibility for all technical aspects on tax engagements.
  • Adhere to both firm and professional tax standards.
  • Act as a technical resource and provide assistance to staff as needed.


  • Take a leadership role in team building and monitoring progress.
  • Articulate engagement team goals and motivate people to achieve them.
  • Effectively address conflicts as they arise within engagement teams.


  • Keep engagement team members informed of changes and developments in technical and industry-specific areas through dissemination of information, meetings, training sessions, etc.
  • Effectively communicate technical matters to clients, verbally and in writing.
  • Use relevant examples, analysis, and personal experiences to clarify ideas.

Professional Competencies

  • Identify and implement ideas for continuous improvement for the firm and clients.
  • Develop clear, understandable goals/priorities and persuasively communicate them to others.
  • Respond immediately to changing situations by coming up with innovative, creative ideas and actions, and reconsider even the most strongly held ideas.
  • Ensure that key stakeholders (both within the firms and at the client) coordinate activities, share information, and effectively/efficiently manage resources throughout an engagement or project.

Client Service

  • Consistently receive positive feedback from clients regarding satisfaction of work.
  • Instill confidence so that clients seek his/her counsel and advice on a regular basis.
  • Exhibit flexibility and responsiveness in meeting client needs and manage client expectations.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the client’s financial situation.
  • Where appropriate, maintain contact with clients throughout the year, rather than merely focusing on immediate problems.

Engagement Management

  • Answer any questions client may have to ensure a complete understanding of nature and terms of assignment, including estimate of fees.
  • Supervise staff and review tax work papers and tax returns.
  • Monitor progress of work during engagement in relation to budgeted time and scheduled dates of completion.
  • Anticipate problem areas and question that might arise. Resolve problems with engagement owner’s approval.
  • Provide input for billings to engagement partner.

People Development

  • Possess a broad learning capacity, and be open to new ideas and learning new things.
  • Demonstrate an obvious shift in nature of personal charge time to more supervising and less doing.
  • Supervise effectively, recognize capabilities of subordinates, and provide adequate on the job training, including assimilating new hires into the firm.
  • Generously share knowledge with others to facilitate skill development and career advancement.

Practice Growth

  • Actively participate in the firm’s marketing activities and help the firm achieve specific new business development goals.
  • Recognize opportunities to provide additional services to existing clients.
  • Make efforts to develop new business for firm and to maintain its professional image in the community. This includes taking an active role in professional, civic, or charitable organizations.

Firm Economics

  • Promote and implement the firm’s efficiency initiatives on all client assignments.
  • Seek opportunities to leverage work and utilize appropriate technology.
  • Develop improved engagement plans and budgets, utilizing personal experience/knowledge of the client and that of others.
  • Achieve, on a consistent basis, realization targets established by the engagement budget.
  • Closely manage individual productivity (i.e. realization, utilization, and engagement efficiency)